stephfeliz: Hey I really love the fashion advices you give, so I decided to ask you for help :). This summer I'm going to my cousins wedding and I cane decide what to wear. The wedding will be a really fancy Hampton's wedding. I will need 3 outfits: one for the ceremony at the civil registry office, one for the ceremony at the church and one for the evening. I'm 5'6, blond, thin and i have a light skin. I hope you can help me xx steph

Hi sweetie,
In my opinion the easiest one is for the civil ceremony, you have to look formal but luxury is not required, you actually can wear pants as in a formal feminine suit, and I would recommend a neutral color as grey or blue.
At the church you should be more conservative and you can actually wear the same attire for the reception if you want. Try something with a thin fabric, with a flow, around your knee lenght. You’re blond so I would choose some shade of blue for the dress because not only will look good on you but it’s a good option for a wedding.
Most important of all, follow your personal style, I’m sure you’ll look great!

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studdedvalentino: adore your blog!

aww thanks :)

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