Anonymous: hey do you have any tips on getting a strong jawline as I have a very weak one and a horrible side profile of my face? any tips xxx

wait are you a boy or a girl?
if you’re a girl you can try contouring with makeup, if you add shades on your face you can make the illusion that your jawline is more accentuated.
I don’t think you can (or should) change your bone structure, try a different haircut maybe.

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duaathinks: I loovveee your fashion blog! 😘

aww thanks!

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Anonymous: Hey, what would say is an absolute must-have?

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Anonymous: I have a round face and I am getting a haircut soon and I want to mix it up, but I don't want to get anything that will make my face look any rounder. What do you think I should do? Right now I have long hair with no layers that just kinda hangs there.

Hey sweetie,
you do need a change! Since your face is round you have to add angles and a shape that will make your face more geometric, the hair is the frame of the face so it’s important to have the best style for you.
Think about different layers and side bangs, if you a have a medium to long neck you can make it shorter.

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Anonymous: Hello! I was wondering what you would wear with combat boots that are an olive-ish color. They're somewhat short, they go above the ankle but not that far up if you know what I mean.

You have to think about style here, this kind of boots have a heavy look, it usually goes best with black pants, or jeans, or denim shorts. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a floral dress but in my opinion the pieces will “fight” and the outfit will look confusing. Try to stick with the same style.

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May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.
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Anonymous: Hi! I'll be having a haircut soon and I have an oblong face shape. My hair has large curls at the middle down to the bottom and it is very thick, which makes me look older than I am supposed to. It's up to the level of my breasts and I was planning to have a blunt bob, but I'm not sure yet. Suggestions please! Thanks alot!! Xx

Hi sweetie,
oblong is similar to oval, which means you can use pretty much any hairstyle you want. The difference is that your face is a little longer, so in my opinion the longer hair with curls in the bottom are actually the best option technically talking. I’m always supportive when it comes to changes so I think you should go with your intuition on this, I don’t know how pointy/long is your chin so be careful not to make it too short.

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